Chevron Rubber Belt

Conveyor belts with smooth and seamless surfaces are great for moving materials up to the inclination angle of 22 degrees. Since many a time, factories and manufacturing units require higher inclination belts for conveying load from one place to another, using chevron belt is what will stand as the best recourse for them.

Chevron belts are not only high in terms of performance but quality, as well. They are a combination of long durable life and flexibility which comes across as a big benefit for businesses as they never leave them alone in times of need and urgency.

This type of machinery can be used for various purpose in wide-ranging areas such as:

  • lime and cement works.
  • salt mines
  • sugar refinery system.
  • wood, bark, grain and sand transportation.
  • farming.
  • sand dug regions
  • extraction points with large and deep pits.

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