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Conveyor Belt Repairs.

We provide a prompt, solid and cost effective solution to repairing a damaged or torn conveyor belt. We specialise in Rubber, Steel cord, PVC and Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Repair including:

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Conveyor Belt Maintenance.

We offer a complete maintenance service including labour, materials and equipment to ensure your operation is running at all times. Our safe, high quality maintenance service will save you money by reducing time and money lost to belt repair and maintenance accidents.

The most vital question in considering temporary belt repairs is usually whether or not the tensile strength of the belt carcass can be restored or bridged sufficiently at the point of injury to withstand the drive and take-up forces.

A small tear or puncture may pose little risk of spillage or snagging or enlargement. The belt repair can be repaired at a scheduled down time. Diagonal and perpendicular rips cause loss of strength. The tension forces normally carried by the damaged area are transferred to the adjacent section of the belt. If the width of the rip is large enough, the over-stressed balance of the belt will most likely fail.

Belt size is usually an important factor in the repair or replace decision. Major damages to a belt with major areas of ripping and tearing will necessitate replacement of the belt or the affected sections. Another factor to consider is whether the belt is a good candidate for off the conveyor repairs.
A common rule of thumb is that if no more than 25% of the belt width is involved, a repair is practical; when more than 25% of the width is damaged, a full re-splice or saddle section insertion is preferable.

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